Medical Insurance in South Carolina and Overseas Traveling

Medical insurance in South Carolina will help you wiggle out of the potentially expensive medical expenses that come with availing of health care services. But for many people traveling abroad often ask – will my health insurance from cover me for medical services I avail of overseas? Understand the benefits and limits of your medical insurance when traveling abroad by reading through the helpful pointers below.

Your Domestic Medical Insurance and Overseas Travel

  1. You Will Most Likely be Covered for Emergencies – Even on U.S. soil, your insurance provider will cover you for emergency medical services if it’s provided by an out-of-network health care provider. This is because it would be impractical to wait for an in-network doctor or emergency service provider if you’re in a life or death situation. Overseas, the same principle applies. The only consideration is that incident should qualify as an actual emergency and not as a false alarm. Insurance companies have this principle called the prudent layperson standard. This means if a person without medical experience sees your situation and identifies it as an emergency, it probably is one.
  2. You Might Have to Pay Up Front First – When you’re not in your own country, your insurance card might as well be any other piece of junk. It is unlikely, and close to impossible, for an overseas hospital or doctor to honor your medical insurance in South Carolina or insurance card, so any and all payments for medical services will have to be made from out of your own pocket. If the medical services you availed of however are covered in your health insurance back home, you can file a claim as soon as you get back. Make sure you supply your insurance company with the necessary documents, receipts, and proof of service to back up your claim.
  3. Sometimes, Your Company will Have Affiliates Abroad – Before you travel to your destination, ask your insurance provider if they are associated with any of the doctors or health care providers in the location you plan to travel to. Some insurance companies have ties with overseas doctors that meet the company’s standards as well as the standards of the U.S. when it comes to delivering health care. This will help you avail of good quality services and enjoy the benefits of cheaper costs at the same time. See to it that before any sort of overseas travels, you consult with your insurance agent.